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Social Mermaid Platform Overview

Social Mermaid is offered in a freemium version “Express” and a paid version “Pro”. We also have a multi-location function. 

Reputation Management Express Version

Customer Voice Express

Social Marketing Express

Website Express

Setting Up Your Listings


Your listing score shows where a business stands in terms of accurate listings compared to others in your clients’ industry. Your clients can also see the progression of their listing score overtime – where they started compared to where they are now. The goal is to increase your score as much as you can and then maintain that score over time.

Your clients can also see their listing score changes over time in the graph below the card. The card below that shows your clients’ listing accuracy and what directories or publishers they are listed on. Each publisher shows if there are any errors, indicated in yellow. If everything is correct, the color is green. 


Pro Version 

Our full software suite. 

Reputation Pro

Customer Voice Pro

Social Marketing Pro

Website Pro

Multi Locations

For businesses with multiple locations, our software can help you manage your marketing across all of them in a simple easy to manage dashboard. 

1. About

Insights on all your businesses, in one place. Multi-Location Business App is a roll-up of reputation, listings, and Google My Business analytics to allow Brand Managers to monitor and improve their franchise’s online SEO.

Multi-Location supports the ability to oversee thousands of franchise locations, giving your team the ability to quickly organize important digital marketing metrics so you can easily see how all your locations are doing compared to each individual location.

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