Do It Yourself Software Dashboards

Our Dashboards come with 5 included Apps. If you are looking for something customizable for your business, reach out to a marketing strategist for help to find the best personalized solutions for your needs. We can help make a plan tailored to your business.

Social Media Marketing Management

Our team of content creators are here to help you with your online content creations. Packages include posting and social media advertising. Click through to learn more aabout our offerings.

Website Building Services

Need Help Building A Website?

Social Mermaid also is a digital agency, we can help you create content for Social Media, Email Blasts, Fulfill Graphic Design Requests and help you manage your digital advertising campaings. As well as help you build your dream website. Check out our packages below.

Examples of Small Business
Marketing Packages

We also build customized
small business software and dashbords.

Examples of What We Create

  • Custom Task Management Tools
  • Custom Social Media Marketing Tools
  • Accounting Software
  • Brand Loyalty Applications
  • Business IOS and Android Apps
  • SAAS and E-Commerce Tools
  • Booking and Scheduling Software

Did you know you can use our software for free?

Search your business or set up an account with us online. Using our In-App Store you can start connecting your marketing.

Not sure how to get started?

Book an appointment with a marketing strategist today. All consultations are free.

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